FISH ARROW Bass Fishing Topwater Hard Plug Lure MOTOR SHAD

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FISH ARROW Bass Fishing Topwater Hard Plug Lure MOTOR SHAD

MOTOR SHAD topwater which moves automatically by spring!!!
It vibrates automatically imitating dying floating fish!!!

The automatic flapping action motor topwater hard lure.
The Fish Arrow Motor Shad 105 is a surface lure that has everything.It floats on it’s side with two treble hooks dangling below and as you’ll see in the video at the bottom of the page,
you pull the leader or yank it when it’s in the water it winds a mechanism inside the lure that then powers the tail.
The cup is designed to create resistance to allow the mechanism to wind, not for popping.

How to use:
By force of casting , wind up the spring. When touch water , start vibrat the tail.
It moves more than 15 seconds.
Once finish movement, just you jerk it, by jerking you can wind up spring again.
Without move rod, it vibrates on pin-point automatically.

Brand: Fish Arrow
Lure Type: Surface
Length:105mm (10.5cm)
Weight:18 grams



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