FISH ARROW Soft Plastic Shad Vivid Cruise 150 TOURNAMENT

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FISH ARROW Soft Plastic Shad Vivid Cruise 150 TOURNAMENT

Long awaited bass and pike fishing tournament lure.
If you are looking for an extremely realistic swimbait, the Vivid Cruise is for you thanks to the incredible softness of the silicone body that guarantees irresistible action in the water for most predators. The generously sized paddle tail comes into action even in the presence of a minimum current or a very slow recovery and transmits its kinetic energy to the whole body of the lure making this lure deadly in the shallow waters.Perfect for pike fishing in spring!

Of course, the two double hooks attached to the belly should be used with care in particularly dirty bottoms, to avoid getting stuck. In this case, the sinking phase should be shortened and regulated by a slightly faster recovery of the bait. Alternatively, we suggest turning the double hooks with the tip facing the belly. in this way the effectiveness of the hook will not be compromised while at the same time obtaining an excellent anti-grounding effect.

Tip: for particularly clear waters and more attentive fish, we choose natural or dark colors as much as possible. For all other cases, the available color models are wide and well varied to offer every possible approach.

Bait also suitable for catching black bass in spring.

Length 150mm
Weight 28g

The basic principle behind our whole philosophy of lure making is to create “lures that get results,” but we also strive for our lures to be your absolute choice in the tackle box when you hit the field. That’s why our untiring research of materials and action are so important – to realize the highest degree of perfection, for the beauty of a fishing experience to meet your highest expectations.
Fish Arrow.


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