XORUS Topwater WTD Floating Lure Patchinko II

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XORUS Topwater WTD Floating Lure Patchinko II

The Xorus Patchinko II is a long casting surface lure which has a well proven track record of being a top bass lure. It is a ‘must have’ lure as it will often catch when other surface lures are failing to result in hook ups.
The Patchinko almost works itself with a steady retrieve but its effectiveness can be increased by adding a gentle ‘walk the dog’ action with the rod tip. It has built in rattles to add to the attraction and help to draw fish up to the lure.
A big lure for big casts, making lots of noise and creating significant water disturbance.
Armed with two Decoy trebles.

Lure length:140mm
Lure weight:25g


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