ValkeIN Trout Fishing Metal Spoon SCHEILA 1.8g

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ValkeIN Trout Fishing Metal Spoon SCHEILA 1.8g

Mid-Wobble-roll which connects the high burst and ice fake is now available!

-not too strong ,but not too weak either- as a key word, the stability of the action towards the change was pursued.
Wide body to keep the range was recognized.
Stability = New specification with strength

ValkeIN spoons have diverse applications and proven results.

About ValkeIN
ValkeIN aims to create the things that you really need and the things that you can really enjoy, without being caught up in the trends of the times. While our products are specialized, they can be used and enjoyed by all anglers who enjoy area fishing.

Our fundamental value is that fishing is something that everyone can take part in. We develop new products as well as manage fishing ponds, tournaments and other events. We are committed to sharing the benefits of the area fishing culture and finding new ideas to contribute to it.

Made in JAPAN

Lure weight:1.8g
Lure length:29mm
Single BL Gyro Hook #5 (Tournament-ready barbless hook)


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