TROKAR Carp Fishing Teflon Coating Magnum Curved Shank Hook TK-883

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TROKAR Carp Fishing Teflon Coating Magnum Curved Shank Hook TK-883

The TK883 is a highly developed mid length curved shank hook specifically designed to cope with a range of applications.
The TK883 features a slight down turned eye and precise geometric curved shank. Generous internal diameter on the eye allows multiple threading.
Strong enough to fish in heavy conditions but light enough to complement lighter presentations.

Round Bend
Straight Point
Low Profile Barb
Ring Eye Epoxy Sealed
Black Chrome Finish With PTFE Coating
Patented SST Surgically Sharpened Point

50% Faster,surer penetration with half as much force as competitors hooks.

TroKar – Surgically Sharpened Technology
TroKar hooks unlike any other hook. TroKar hooks use Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST) to produce a three-sided symmetrical point that is scalpel sharp. To develop TroKar Eagle Claw worked hand-in-hand with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical grade needles to develop and engineer a point specifically designed for fishing.
Made in the US, TroKar hooks use a special high-carbon Q741 steel wire created specifically for the Trokar range to provide the unique properties required from the finished hook.
A unique tempering process specifically tailored for the Q741 wire manipulates its molecular structure to bringing out the maximum strength and imparting just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.
Trokar hooks are finished in a black chrome auto-catalytic plating for corrosion protection in both salt and freshwater. The Trokar range offers competition level hooks covering most saltwater and freshwater predator species.

10pcs in package


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