PROLOGIC C6 Inspire XD Fishing Rod (Full Duplon) 12′ 360cm 3.5lbs 2sec

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PROLOGIC C6 Inspire XD Fishing Rod (Full Duplon) 12′ 360cm 3.5lbs 2sec

12ft 3.50lb This fast action rod is at home on middle sized to large waters. The tip section provides a very forgiving action which allows playing fish on a short line without pulling the hook. Beyond that, the rapid response Nano fibres enable it to power up rapidly, making it the perfect choice for PVA bags and Method work. This rod will make those long casts towards the 200m mark both realistic and effortless 13ft 3.75lb This blank is our supreme distance tool. The ultra-fast taper and fibre technology make easy work of long range fishing. This rod has been designed for extreme long range casting and European competition style fishing. This light weight, yet exceptionally powerful rod uniquely balances that power with a responsiveness that we believe is unsurpassed. In testing, this model saw us reach measured distances in excess of 200m.
• High modulus Multi-directional Crossover Carbon technology
• Rapid Response Toray Carbon Nano fibre cross weave
• Super slim reinforced over fit joints for superior strength
• 50mm Ultra-light weight Pac Bay Minima butt Guides on all models
• 16mm Anti-frap tip guide – dramatically helps to prevent crack offs
• 1K Carbon Machine cut 18mm reel seat fitted with Fuji collars
• Gun smoke fittings paired with black whippings
• Laser etched metallic butt cap and rear collar
• High grade Cork or Full EVA options available on all models

Sections: 2
Test curve:3.5lbs
Action:Xtra Distance
Guide Size:50,40,30,25,20,16mm
Handle: Full Duplon


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