NS BLACK HOLE Scented Soft Bait Lure MAGIC SHAD 2in/12pcs

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NS BLACK HOLE Scented Soft Bait Lure MAGIC SHAD 2in/12pcs

It works like magic to attract the target fish with extreme waves and shrimp scent.
The 2-inch shad is suitable for trout,perch,bass,sea bass,ul fishing.In fish worm fishing, sensitivity is the most essential aspect. This shad worm maximizes sensitivity, and is ultimately designed to create“waves.”The water stream caused by water resistance starts regardless of the flow velocity. The air bubbles from the body subsides, and the product turns into a slow-sinking type, of which the attack rage is the bottom layer.

The whole body begins to wobble along with extreme wave before the angler notices it. From the soft waves from the head, to the hard waves at the tail, the low-center product targets the middle range and the down range. NS Magic Shad comes in 10 colors. We believe that the appeal of the excellent body wave in the inactive state and the subtle movement of the tail will establish a new pattern for finesse fishing.

Shrimp scent added to get rid of rubbery smell and increase
fish bites.

Magic Shad Structure
30%-enhanced stream when it separates from water.
The vibrating action of the tail is improved by 20% when separate.

Size : 2inch
Package : 12pcs


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