NOMAD DESIGN Topwater Pencil Popper Lure DARTWING 70 Aqua Ghost

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NOMAD DESIGN Topwater Pencil Popper Lure DARTWING 70 Aqua Ghost

The Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping baitfish, and entice any predatory fish to strike. Representing the ultimate surface skipping popper, the unique Dartwing head design makes the lure dart erratically from side to side when wound across the surface, looking like a scared injured baitfish. It can be worked with a fast retrieve and also with a twitching rod tip action to make the lure bounce across the surface, where the Dartwing design creates maximum surface disturbance and side to side action.
Use the Dartwing 70mm with a fast retrieve with twitches of the rodtip, a slow ‘walk the dog’ style twitch or just a straight fast wind and you will see the versatility of the Dartwing.
It can imitate either a fleeing shrimp or slender baitfish.
A super long casting lure, on a straight retrieve the wings cause a side to side darting action and body roll that just gets fish excited.

HD ABS System
Normal plastic was simply not strong enough for our lures, so we designed a special formula of High Density ABS plastic, which is a white colour, and is ultimately stronger than other plastics used for lure production. These lures also feature a thicker wall construction,
meaning ultimate strength and durability.

Triple Shield Protection
We ensure that the painting process and the quality of the finish on all lures is protected and likely to last longer by applying 3 final coats of a super tough clear resin to the outside of all lures. It provides additional colour depth and ensures that the finish on your lure will last longer.

Designed in Australia
Crafted by Experience is something we live by and take very seriously.
Every product is designed and tested in Australia, both on the water and at our R&D test tank facility to ensure it performs perfectly.

Made with BKK Hooks
BKK hardware means confidence with every hook set. Every hook made contains the expertise and craftsmanship of over a hundred
years of hook making and gives you the ultimate confidence when fighting big fish.

Lure length: 70mm
Lure weight: 3.9g
Topwater Hardbody Lure
Floating Surface Skipping
Hooks: 2 x BKK 1X Trebles #14 & #12


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