NOGALES By VARIVAS Fishing Taflex Nylon Line DEAD OR ALIVE 150m

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NOGALES By VARIVAS Fishing Taflex Nylon Line DEAD OR ALIVE 150m

The Japanese High End Monofilament Line by Nogales
Low-stretch, abrasion resistant mono line for extreme environments

The first Dead-or-Alive line from Nogales, which was produced in the MA process.
The MA process results in a novel, high-performance nylon material, which very well combines the contradictory properties of durability, abrasion resistance and suppleness.Perfect for baitcasting reels, but also suitable for stationary reel.

MA Manufacturing: initially arrived in D.O.R. series, provides lower stretch, with no loss of abrasion resistance and breaking strength.
This model makes every angler heart’s desire come true to catch ‘one’ in extremely pressured environment.
High softness is another character of MA procedure; very low spool memory is unlike other mono line.
Lastly, father casting distance powered by Varivas’ Super Tough Coating (SP-T) technology will keep lines far away from being damages as well.

Color:Moss green

VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing line and gear for serious anglers. As Japan’s first IGFA-class fishing line, VARIVAS is a leader in engineering and innovation.


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