NASH Carp Fishing Tungsten Heavy Duty Lead Clip Tail Rubber

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NASH Carp Fishing Tungsten Heavy Duty Lead Clip Tail Rubber

The Nash Tungsten Lead Heavy Duty (HD) Clip Tail Rubbers are designed to be used in conjunction with Nash Lead Clips, working harmoniously with the ribbed spigot on the lead clips to ensure you lead is fastened securely, every time.
Nash Tail Rubbers function in the same way that the traditional rubbers do, but are impregnated with tungsten, aiding you in pinning your rig to the lakebed. HD Tail Rubbers are to be utilised when using a heavier leads, they are thicker than conventional tail rubbers and as a result reinforced against splitting, ideal when casting PVA bags in faster flowing water.
The Tail Rubbers are designed via CAD in order to optimise anti-tangle performance, the finish is tidy and free of irregularities which can cause tangles with your lead setup.

• Tungsten impregnated, extra tough tail rubbers
• Designed for HD Lead Clips to retain heavy weights
• Great when casting PVA bags in fast flowing water
• Works equally as good in other extreme conditions
• Reinforced to prevent splitting
• Ribbed for maximum grip along the HD Lead Clip


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