NADAR Topwater Prop Bait Floating Lure SETTER 70mm/7g Clear Ebi

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NADAR Topwater Prop Bait Floating Lure SETTER 70mm/7g Clear Ebi

As it sputters across the surface,SETTER  creates a massive disturbance that has helped for drawing explosive surface strikes. Deadly at any rate of retrieval, the SETTER is best utilized through varying your speed and cadence until you key in on a pattern that’s the most effective. The aerodynamic shape allows anglers to perform long distance casts with ease and precision.

Brand:Nadar By Megabass

Salt Water Products Brand NADAR
The name Nadar came from Japanese Nadar that is the generic name of the ocean that has fast water current with strong wind and waves. The boundless ocean which is connected to entire world, where fish and birds are gathering and ships are coming in and out. Nadar is the brand to deliver our strong passion, like the strong water current, for fishing to all the anglers in the world. We want to be the provider who is constantly sending the world the lures created from our experiences as the waves are continuously created.
While there are so many lures with various concepts in the current market, what Nadar is pursuing is “high dimensional basic”. It’s the lure that is “easy to use” and having “high level basic performance” which you can rely on, the all-rounder that you might always want to keep in your tackle box because it keeps bringing you the stable results.
That’s the policy of Nadar manufacturing. We’ll send you the numerous universal basics packed with feedbacks from the technology of Megabass factory which has been supported by many anglers from everywhere in the world for so many years.


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