MATRIX Hand Towels

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MATRIX Hand Towels

Having a hand towel that you can carry easily, and that dries quickly, is a real bonus during a lively fishing match, allowing you to dry your hands regularly, and maintain a sure and certain grip on your rod or pole. A quick dry towel also allows you to clean up before you head for home; by the end of five hours, your hands, at the very least, will reek of fish, so being able to wash yourself down is more or less essential. If you’re fishing multi-day tournaments, then a towel is a convenient addition to a standard wash kit.

Made from 100% cotton, and featuring Matrix’s bright, bold branding, this 700mm x 400mm, 130gsm towel is ideal for match anglers, and handy for anyone who finds themselves out and about and needing a compact yet comprehensive wash kit.


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