MAJOR CRAFT Bass Fishing Crank Bait Lure ZONER 55

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MAJOR CRAFT Bass Fishing Crank Bait Lure ZONER 55

The Zoner lures from the top Japanese Rod maker Major Craft has a gained popularity amoungst anglers very fast. Zoner crank dives deeper wobbling violently from side to side on straight retrive . The rolling action highlights the life like finish ofthe back, sides and belly and hence zoner will attract fish automatically.
On the inside, the Major Craft Zoner Crankbait features a series of high-pitch rattles that are built to stimulate the feeding response of any nearby predators. Crafted with a high-level of detail, the Major Craft Zoner Crankbait is covered with a premium finish, textured gill plate contours, and 3-D eyes. Backed by two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Major Craft Zoner Crankbait delivers top-of-the-line performance that will put your culling system to the test.
You will catch many fish! Enjoy!

Life life body and eyes
Perfect rattle
Extreme long casts
Excellent swimming action
Strong Hooks and split rings

Lure length: 55mm
Lure weight: 12g
Swimming depth: 1.0 – 2.0m


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