LITTLE JACK Ultra Light Fishing Lure AMEZIAKU JP 55mm/3.1g

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LITTLE JACK Ultra Light Fishing Lure AMEZIAKU JP 55mm/3.1g

AMEZAIKU JP can be used as a trailer bait that can be used like a bow angle, or as a sinking pencil by itself.

Pursuing a real form and real action that completely captures the micro bait pattern. We have condensed the performance that makes you aware of the bait such as color, hologram, and eyeballs on the curved body, and secured the strength with a penetrating wire specification on the high-strength polycarbonate resin body. In addition, various hook settings are possible with the multi-purpose eye on the body. The hook is made by BKK. By making the hook movable, a wide range of usage such as exchange and size change is possible. Even by itself, the twitch action produces a realistic small fish action, and it is effective even in light games and mountain streams.

Lure length:55mm
Lure weight:3.1g
Hooh:BKK Single Assist #2


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