KORDA Carp Fishing Floss Caps

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KORDA Carp Fishing Floss Caps

The Korda Floss Caps offer an effective way to secure your hooklink to your rig, giving you a swift, simple, and secure way to quickly create many of the most effective rigs you’ll have seen on the coarse fishing scene, upping your angling game and improving your catch rate no matter what style of venue you’re fishing.
If you find creating effective rigs fiddly and time-consuming, then Korda’s Floss Caps could be the answer you’ve been looking for. For a more secure rig set up, you can burn the floss onto the rig, and, however you choose to use the Floss Caps, you’ll never need to tie another rig knot.

• Efficiently secure your hookbait to your chosen rig
• Speedy, Simple and Secure
• Braid Needle &Fine Needle (Compatible)
• Burn Bait Floss onto the Floss Cap to secure
• No knots required


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