KEITECH Scented Soft Swimbait Lure SWING IMPACT 4in/8pcs

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KEITECH Scented Soft Swimbait Lure SWING IMPACT 4in/8pcs

Tail action that swings sharply and swings greatly. The effect is great for swimming by pulling the bottom and swimming with a curve fall. The tail design that grips water well and does not lose water flow is a miso. It is effective not only for jig heads, but also for Texas, Carolina, down shot rigs, cat rigs, jig trailers, etc. We recommend that you use it slowly and simply without using too many tricks such as shaking.

Thin and sharp tail design. Effectively receives water and swings wide. The keel that extends to the bottom of the tail prevents the tail from flipping upwards due to the resistance of water, so that the action does not slow down at any speed.

Body cross section. A has a cross section closer to the head and is horizontally flat. B has a cross section closer to the tail and is vertically flat. It is designed with the intention of aiming for stability as a whole while swinging the tail action wide.

Delicate slits have been made on the back and abdomen for ease of use on Texas rigs. The tip of the offset worm hook is hidden between the ribs, which is very good.

Made in JAPAN

Lure length:4in/102mm
Lure weight: 4.6g
Recommended hook size: Offset worm hook # 1/0,# 2/0
10pcs in package


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