KEITECH Curly Tail Scented Soft Bait Lure MAD WAG 7in/6pcs

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KEITECH Curly Tail Scented Soft Bait Lure MAD WAG 7in/6pcs

A long curly tail with a perfect design. Madwag swims a Texas rig in the weed area. Developed with a view to such fishing represented by Lake Biwa. We designed such a special tail that scratches water strongly and wide even with a very slow retrieve. We are particular about the shape of the body and incorporate the absolute “snagless performance” for weeds. Mad Wag. A strong fish-collecting power that constantly radiates through the gaps in the weed. This is the definitive version of the swimming Texas (Makimaki) worm that has been carefully crafted by trying each one.  

Unique tail design that scratches water strongly and wide
The inner circumference of the curly is thick, and the design becomes thinner toward the outer circumference. Combined with the shape of the entire tail and the hardness of the material, it creates an exquisite action. Smooth but wide and strong webbing tail. It is a well-made tail design that starts slowly and does not stretch easily even at high speeds. It is recommended to use a slightly light sinker and wind it slowly.

The ultimate structure that protects the tip from weed
The ultimate shape that protects the tension of the offset hook from the weed. Named Point Guard System (PGS). Fish often hang, but super weedless. Since the tip of the worm is firmly fixed to the worm, the worm lasts a long time even with repeated casts and retrieves. If you stab it correctly, the benefits are great.
The PGS (Point Guard System) dramatically improves the weedless performance when an offset worm hook is stabbed into a worm .
Strong Shrimp Scent!!!

Made in Japan.

Mini 7
1 tail weight:12.3g
Recommended hook size: Offset worm hook #5/0
6 tails per pack


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