JNJ Detachable Fishing LED Lights J-RAY JR435 Red

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JNJ Detachable Fishing LED Lights J-RAY JR435 Red

They can safely work even under water.
It is therefore suitable for use on fishing rods or floats in the night fishing, mounted on bite alarms,etc…

By inserting the battery in the hole of the LED it turns on and by removing it it turns off.

To be able to mount it on the fishing rod top , the coupling between the LED body and the battery must be reinforced with adhesive tape, otherwise the bulb head it may come off during casting.

Excellent intensity of light that completely turns on the bulb and remains constant for many hours.

As the LED can be detached from the lithium battery,users an attach LED to the battery as required.When the battery is fully discharged ,users can change it (Spare battery J-RAY BR435).Therefore,this product is economical as the LED can be used semi-permanently.

Made in Korea


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