HART Ultimate Soft Swimming Shad Lure MANOLO & Co 100mm/23g

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HART Ultimate Soft Swimming Shad Lure MANOLO & Co 100mm/23g

Designed in collaboration with developers Sergio Longas and Ruben Tarazona,the HART MANOLO & CO is an innovative lure that creates tje illusion of a school of baitfish.Its extremly simple design means that the lure is surprisingly lightweight and easy to move,so that no demands are made on your fishing tackle and no great effort is required.

The HART MANOLO & CO comes pre-rigged and ready to use.
Featuring a main swimbait rigged with a powerfull hook with a tinned finish and two accompanyning swimbaits as its babies.This is an ideal solution for anglers wishing to use a lure that mimics a school of fish,yet without being restricted by regulations forbidding the use of more than one lure per line.
A simple and effective lure for continuos retrieves.Its attractive paddle tail movement is sufficient to entice prey fish in any situation.
Supplied in a wide range of lifelike colours to imitate the most common baitfish.

Sturdy fluorocarbon wires with a screw fastener to easily change swimbait.
Great anti-snag properties,for trouble-free casting in vegetation
Robust tinned-cutting point hook,for optimal hooking performance.
Flexible fluorocarbon to create a coordinated,really life-like swimming action.
Hook to secure the vinyl,for quaranted stability.
Paddle tail.

Lure length:100mm
Lure weight:23g



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