HALCO Saltwater Casting And Trolling Lure LASER PRO 140 DD

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HALCO Saltwater Casting And Trolling Lure LASER PRO 140 DD

Halco Laser Pro Range Lures are latest in lure technology incorporating strength, durability, and fish catching ability. Choose from a range of diving depths, from 1 metre up to 7 meters (LP190 XDD).The outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points that are built in as an integral part of the lure body.

Halco’s Bulletproof bib securing system provides added strength, and ensures faultless swimming performance at high and low speeds. Halco Laser Pro lures are precision built for maximum performance.

Now widely recognised as one of the world’s best blue water trolling lures, this lure can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots. Troll lures at distances ranging from 10 to 50 meters from the boat. For trolling tips, check out the tutorial here.

Unlike many previous designs, the new Laser Pro 140 is designed using Halco’s new clear technology polymers to include features never before offered in the hugely popular trolling lure range.

Externally, the Laser Pro 140 has a detailed, slightly raised pectoral fin, rounded out with a silky smooth finish so toothy predators are unable to grip the lure – ensuring they slide straight down onto the waiting Mustad 1/0 trebles.

Internally, the lure has a highly reflective holographic blade that helps to emit flash and color throughout the visible and non-visible spectrum and internal scale pattern visible in all of Halco’s clear technology finishes.

For more the traditional anglers out there, the lure is also ranged in some of Halco’s most popular painted colors for the best of both worlds. Initially, the Laser Pro 140 is only available with a deep diving bib that runs at around 2.0 m and trolls at up to 9 knots.

Designed like all other Halco products the Laser Pro 140 is tough, strong and dependable straight from the box. This new lure is definitely one you shouldn’t be without in your tackle box.

Trolling Speed 1-7 Knots
Weight 24 Grams
Length 140mm, 5.5 Inches
Hooks #1/0 Mustad Trebles
Applications Casting, Trolling
Buoyancy Floating
Dive 2.0 m
Made from Bulletproof polycarbonate


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