GURU N-Gauge Landing Net Handle 4m

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GURU N-Gauge Landing Net Handle 4m

Designed with the discerning angler in mind, the Guru N-Gauge 4m Fishing Net Handle is an essential addition to your fishing arsenal. This piece of equipment stands out with its ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction, ensuring you get the best in terms of strength and durability without compromising on weight or balance.

Key Features

ZERO400 Tensile Carbon Construction: Crafted with a robust carbon material that’s designed to deliver the ultimate strength. It’s made to withstand the rigours of intense fishing, ensuring that the handle remains firm and reliable even in the most challenging situations.

High Compression Strength Blanks: The N-Gauge’s high compression strength blanks provide increased power and rigidity, enabling more control and stability, especially when using the handle at its full 4.0m length.

Over Cap Take/Apart Joints: These joints significantly enhance the overall performance and stiffness of the handle. They allow for quick assembly and disassembly, saving precious time when you’re out on the water.

Double Threads for Multiple Lengths: Uniquely designed with double threads on the end two sections, this net handle can be utilised at two different lengths (4.0m & 2.9m), offering flexibility and adaptability to suit various angling scenarios.

Super Glide Matt Finish: The finish is not merely aesthetic; it’s functional. It aids in improving both speed and efficiency when netting fish, ensuring that your catch is secured with minimal fuss.

Technical Specifications
Length: 4.0m
Sections: 3pc
Weight: 350g

Whether you’re an angler looking to upgrade your current net handle or a novice looking to invest in quality gear, the Guru N-Gauge 4m Fishing Net Handle is an excellent choice. The carefully considered features offer a blend of power, rigidity, and versatility.

The handle’s robust construction provides the toughness needed for landing bigger catches, while its lightweight design ensures that it doesn’t become burdensome during extended fishing sessions. The double threads give you the flexibility to adapt to different fishing conditions, a feature that can be incredibly valuable when out in the field.

A notable aspect of the Guru N-Gauge is its Super Glide Matt Finish, engineered to provide a smoother experience when netting fish. It reduces friction and helps in quicker and more efficient retrieval, a feature that could make a difference in those crucial moments.


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