GREYS Prodigy TXL Barbel 12ft 1.75lb Feeder Rod

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GREYS Prodigy TXL Barbel 12ft 1.75lb Feeder Rod

Designed with barbel fishing in mind, Greys Prodigy TXL Barbel Rod is perfect for most styles of coarse fishing. This rod is the re-mastered version of the original Prodigy Barbel and has been updated with all the latest Greys technology in order to meet the exacting specifications of the modern angler.
The Greys Prodigy TXL Barbel Rod boasts a fast action, which is perfect for firing a variety of weighted tackle out into the water. Whether you prefer fishing with feeders, PVAs, or leads, you’ll be able to shoot these terminal tackle items as far out as you like in order to target a huge range of waters. The rod comes in 1.75lb and 2lb test curves, too, so you can choose the rod with the perfect amount of power to suit your needs. This is a three-section rod, so it boasts an impressively small pack down size for ease of storage and transportation. What’s more, this is also an incredibly versatile outfit. It is fitted with a specimen top section (tip rating 6lb – 16lb), which is perfect for demanding river work with larger coarse fish. This means that if you’re someone who is going to be tackling the hardest fighting barbel that the UK has to offer then you’re equipped with a rod which can more than handle itself. The carrier section of the rod accepts quivertips (section rating 4lb – 14lb), too, for lighter work. This allows you to pare-down your setup for tackling smaller fish in more delicate scenarios. The rod itself is supplied with three quivertips, a 1.5oz, a 2.5oz, and a 3.5oz to cover all bankside conditions. These have been fitted with enlarged SiC guides to ensure you never experience snagging when you fish with a shock leader, as well as ensuring that your line can fly through the rings on the cast for distance accuracy. The reel seat on the rod is screw locking, too, which ensures that your reel is held in the perfect position even when you’re fighting a particularly aggressive capture.

The rod blank itself is constructed from top quality high modulus carbon fibre, giving it incredible speed and resilience. This rod has a wonderful responsive feel, too, which is ideal for ensuring that you can enjoy spot-on bite indication. It is finished with a cork handle to ensure that this rod can be easily handled for many hours. Highly versatile, although this is a dedicated barbel rod it can also be easily adapted to all forms of carp, tench, chub, and bream fishing. This makes it the perfect tool for the dedicated coarse angler and someone who likes to target a variety of species for year-round angling enjoyment.
Greys has been producing superior quality fishing tackle for more than half a century and, although the brand originally specialised in fly fishing tackle, it now produces products across the disciplines. The Prodigy series has been one of Greys most successful coarse fishing rod series over the past 20 years and looking at this latest incarnation it isn’t hard to see why! Set to once again revolutionise Greys coarse fishing tackle catalogue, the Prodigy TXL Barbel Rod is a versatile and high performing addition to the collection – perfect for any coarse fishing fanatic who wants the ability to target a range of waters and species with complete confidence. This is only one of the impressive rods in the re-mastered Prodigy series, so no matter your discipline you’ll find the perfect rod to suit your needs in the range.

Progressive action
3 section design
Specimen Top and Quivertip Carrier section
1.5oz, 2.5oz and 3.5oz quivertips
SIC line guides
High modulus carbon
Secure screw locking reel seat
Quality cork handle
Enlarged line guides to avoid knots on shock leaders from snagging


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