GREYS Powerlux Xlerate Abbreviated Handle Carp Fishing Rod

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GREYS Powerlux Xlerate Abbreviated Handle Carp Fishing Rod

We’re living in exciting times when material science is fuelling big advances in sport and fishing is no exception. Competitors are now able to take light and strong carbon fibre equipment for granted, whether they cycle, use running blades, or fish. Premium carp rods now combine power and sensitivity in ways that can make a big difference to your angling and Greys have introduced the Xlerate Carp Rod range to this exciting marketplace.
The Greys Xlerate Cork Carp Rod is the version that marries the reassuringly traditional with the disruptively new, alongside the Full Shrink Wrap, Abbreviated, and Duplon options. This Cork Carp Rod has an elegantly slim premium-grade full cork handle. This will provide reliable grip and insulation from cold and wet conditions, which is why cork is one of the reassuring constants of rod design.
However, there’s no need for the old ways once you get to the blank. 1k-rated carbon fibre has been combined with proprietary resins and 3M’s Powerlux 1000 nanotechnology to produce a dense fabric matrix that manages to be lightweight, strong, and robust – the whole package. A final layer of good-looking protection is afforded by the Carbon Armour blank finish. The Fuji DPS18 reel seat helps with keeping weight down with its stiff carbon body and strong aluminium hoods. Casting with this rod is powerful and accurate but it’s sensitive and responsive for plummeting and playing hooked fish, too.
Strong and light are the continuing themes for the G-Lite XR DL guide rings, which are a sleek-looking combination of stainless steel and titanium with wide silicon carbide centres. These will resist wet conditions and fast abrasive line with ease. The tip ring has an anti-frap configuration to minimise crack-offs of terminal tackle.
Your purchase includes neoprene end protectors, a laser-engraved butt cap, a universal line clip, and an EVA stopper. This rod could get you casting up to 140yrd (128m) with the 12ft, 3lb test curve option, up to 160yrds (146m) with the 12ft, 3.25lb option, and perhaps over 200yrds (183m) with the 12ft and 13ft 3.5lb versions. Be the bridge between the past and future with the Greys Xlerate Cork Carp Rod, fishing tackle that takes advantage of the best of both worlds.

3M Powerlux 1000, nano resin carbon fibre construction
Carbon Armour blank finish
Lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout
Advanced progressive power action
Slim full cork handle for traditional comfort
100% carbon Fuji DPS18 hybrid reel seat
G-Lite XR DL Black Edition stainless/titanium hybrid ringing pattern
50mm distance ring pattern with anti-frap tip ring
Supplied with a Greys universal line clip and EVA stopper
Laser-engraved stainless steel butt cap
Neoprene tip and butt protectors


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