DUO Scented Soft Bait Lure REALIS VERSA PINTAIL 3.0

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DUO Scented Soft Bait Lure REALIS VERSA PINTAIL 3.0

A new finesse soft plastic from Duo Japan – the Versa Pintail!
Heavier material is used for the lower half of the body. This manufacturing technique leads to more stability and consistent action even during fast retrieves and quick actions.
Tapered tail together with the flat side body design performs an excellent rolling action and flashing effect. In addition, base of the tail is designed to be thinner to ensure proper action with dead-slow retrieves.
Back slit design will give you 2 options for offset hooks. You can either place the hook point in the slit or fully hide it inside the body of the slit to be even more weedless.
For a down-shot rig and tough fishing conditions, the Pintail model is the way to go. The Pintail model is designed for more subtle actions. When you need to go really finesse, the Pintail model will draw and induce bites from those selective fish.
Take you finesse fishing to the next level with the Versa Shad and Pintail 3”.

Made in JAPAN

Lure length: 3inch (75mm)
Shrimp Scent
10 per Pack

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