DUO International Finesse Sinking Jerkbait Lure SPEARHEAD RYUKI 71S

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DUO International Finesse Sinking Jerkbait Lure SPEARHEAD RYUKI 71S

The renewed and improved 7cm sinking jerkbait lure from the Ryuki series in the Spearhead Ryuki 71S variant comes with a change in design, internal structure and weight , and hence in the possibilities! The trapezoidal shape of the weights reinforces the effect of the low center of gravity characteristic of a model of this length, so it is now even easier to catch and control in medium and large river main flows. The strength of the river currents is no problem for the lure, on the contrary – it feels in its own waters, moves with ease, is responsive and reacts extremely quickly in response to every twitch of the rod. Further casting also scores points over similar competitive offerings.

Trout, asp, chub and other river fish that criss-cross the various streams are proven to resist the nimble and lively game, remaining attractive and realistic at any rip speed. Twitching is no less effective due to the combination of a flat body profile with a high weight retention. The slightly elongated blade complements the precise calculations and movements on the bottom are obtained with that alluring and sought-after natural lightness, while the sharp trebles readily await the fierce strokes that follow. Stable, effective and with updated, mouth-watering and detailed colors, the Spearhead Ryuki 71 Sinking is the benchmark of resulting wobbler with uncompromising Japanese quality.

Made in JAPAN

Lure length:71mm
Lure weight:10g
Type:Sinking/Fixed center of gravity
Ring: Line Eye #1.5 / Hook Eye #1.5


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