DUO International Finesse Jerkbait Lure SPEARHEAD RYUKI 80S

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DUO International Finesse Jerkbait Lure SPEARHEAD RYUKI 80S

Large trout’s favorite snack

The developmental concept for the “Spearhead Ryuki 70S and 80S” were to capture the middle to large size main-stream rivers targeting various species of trout by casting down-cross.

The semi-long lip to grip the water and flat-side body with low center of gravity fixed weight settings have equipped the lure with a high level of swimming performance in the strong flow of the main stream. Its action initiation is prompt and can handle consecutive twitching through the rod work.

Some lures loose the casting comfortability through the increased body size of the lure, but by controlling the height of the body, we have managed to realize the top of the range castability.

Ryuki 80S has a casting ability which rivals those moving weight models, capturing the large trout species running up the stream.

Made in JAPAN

Lure length:80mm (3-1/8in)
Lure weight:12g (3/8oz)
Type :Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Depth Range:0.7-1.2m (2-4ft)


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