DUO Finesse Jerkbait Lure DEEP FEAT 87DRF

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DUO Finesse Jerkbait Lure DEEP FEAT 87DRF

DUO has created the Deep Feat 87 DRF lure to target medium to large trout on the upstream. It is a floating minnow with amazing capabilities.
The buoyancy of the DUO Deep Feat 87 DRF is guaranteed by a unique body design, that eliminates waste in every detail and reduces weight. It quickly dives to the target depth without losing its balance even in the current.
DUO has equipped the Deep Feat with a center-of-gravity movement system, using magnetized tungsten. But the uniqueness of this lure starts from the shape of the lure, with is a multifaceted bait, with flat sides, that added volume to the lure. As a result DUO has managed to insert a heavier tungsten sphere, resulting in greater casting distance. The inner space for the moving weight has been made flat and straight, for the angler to be able to make the lure dive at will, or effect a ‘darting’ action with some rod work.
The treble hook eye in the belly, functions like a swivel, preventing damage to the hook eye due to rolling of large trout.
Made in JAPAN

Lure length: 87mm
Lure weight: 12g
Type: Floating
Depth range: 1.0-1.5 m
Hook: 2 x #6
Ring: 2 x #2.5


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