DAIWA Match & Feeder Reel 24 TDR 3012QD

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DAIWA Match & Feeder Reel 24 TDR 3012QD

At the heart of its design is the AIRDRIVE BAIL, a hollow yet robust component that reduces the reel’s overall weight. This feature enhances the sensitivity and balance of the reel, allowing for more accurate casting and a smoother retrieval experience. The AIRDRIVE ROTOR, constructed from high-quality Zaion V material, further contributes to the reel’s lightness and strength. This rotor design reduces inertia, providing a quicker and more responsive feel during use.

The aluminium body of the Daiwa 24 TDR QD Match & Feeder Reel is another testament to its durability and stability. This material choice ensures a solid foundation, particularly crucial during intense fishing sessions. The strength of the body doesn’t compromise the reel’s agility, ensuring that anglers can tackle a variety of fishing situations with confidence.

One of the key features that sets this reel apart is the QD Quick Drag system. This innovative design allows for rapid adjustments to the drag setting, a critical factor when playing larger fish. The system provides the perfect balance between sensitivity and power, enabling anglers to adapt swiftly to the changing conditions and behaviour of the fish.

The LC-ABS Spool, with its advanced line management system, reduces line friction and maximises casting distance. This spool is particularly effective in handling fine lines used in match fishing, ensuring minimal line memory and twist. The HIP Line Clip is another thoughtful addition, offering a secure and line-friendly way to clip your line, which is especially useful when consistently casting to the same spot.

Infinite Anti-Reverse, a feature integral to the reel’s design, eliminates any backward movement of the handle, providing a solid hook set every time. This feature is crucial when targeting shy biting fish, ensuring that every opportunity is maximised.

The Digigear II system in the Daiwa 24 TDR QD Match & Feeder Reel offers a seamless mesh between the drive gear and the pinion gear. This results in a smoother retrieval and enhanced longevity of the gearing system. The Twistbuster 3 technology further adds to the reel’s appeal, significantly reducing line twist and ensuring a more enjoyable fishing experience.

Cross Wrap technology is employed in the spooling of the line, ensuring even line lay and reducing the chances of line tangles during casting. This feature is particularly beneficial when using finer lines and casting at greater distances.

Additionally, the reel comes with a spare spool, providing anglers with the flexibility to switch between different line types and strengths swiftly. This feature is invaluable for anglers who target a variety of species or fish in diverse conditions.

Aluminium Body
QD Quick Drag
LC-ABS Spool
HIP Line Clip
Infinite Anti-Reverse
Digigear II
Twistbuster 3
Cross Wrap
Spare Spool Supplied

Gear ratio:4.7:1
Line retrieve:79cm/31.4inch
Mono Line Capacity mm/m:0.25/190, 0.28/150, 0.30/130
Braid Line Capacity mm/m:0.16/310, 0.18/200, 0.20/170
Spare Spool Included


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