DAIWA Light And Tough Spinning Reel 23 NINJA LT 2500-XH

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DAIWA Light And Tough Spinning Reel 23 NINJA LT 2500-XH

Daiwa NINJA LT: one of DAIWA’s most popular reels ever is radically renewed, achieving a new quality standard that further improves its value for money. Innovations affecting the main structural and mechanical elements of the 23 Ninja make it lighter, smoother and more precise in operation, giving it mechanical characteristics until recently the preserve of far more expensive models. The body has been revised in design and materials (DS4 composite with new compound) for greater rigidity and lightness, while the rotor and bow are AIRDRIVE type, a construction concept borrowed from the top of the range Exist.

The rotor has been totally redesigned to minimize weight while improving stress resistance: the result is an incredibly smoother and more regular rotation, with inertia reduced to a minimum. The AIRDRIVE headband is also totally new: in addition to being lighter, its special conformation, together with the new Twistbuster III thread guide roll, is designed to eliminate the possibility of tangles even when the line has little tension.

Another absolute novelty is the ATD-L clutch: an evolution of DAIWA’s famous automatic progressive clutch, it is even smoother and more progressive, making fish retrieval safer and more effective.

LIGHT and TOUGH concept
Body and rotor made of the latest DS4 material
Archetto AIRDRIVE BAIL solid
ATD-L clutch
Long Cast ABS coil
4 ball bearings
Super Lightweight Aluminum crank handle
Twist Buster III thread guide roller
Cross Wrap winding
Infinite Anti-Reverse

23 NINJA LT 2500-XH
Gear Ratio:6.3:1
Ball Bearing:4
Capacity Mono:0.16mm/230m,0.20mm/150m,0.23mm/100m
Capacity Braid:PE0.6/290m,PE0.8/200m,PE1.0/190m
Reel Weight:230g/8.1oz
Max Drag:10kg/22lb


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