YGK USB Rechargable Fishing Mono/Braid Line HEAT CUTTER

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YGK USB Rechargable Fishing Mono/Braid Line HEAT CUTTER
Hi Quality Fishing Tool
A highly convenient YGK rechargeable heat cutter that can be charged via USB. It is compatible with PE, nylon fluoro and all materials. It has a structure that is harder to damage than the conventional heating wire type, and is equipped with a ceramic guard that reduces the risk of burns during work, and has both general workability and safety. By pressing the tip of the line to the electric heating plate disk part, you can easily and cleanly make a baked cob, and it is a capable tool that quickly and easily finishes the line binding task.
Rechargeable type that can be used repeatedly (micro USB charging)
Two-step temperature adjustment according to material and thickness with LED to notify heat generation
Drip-proof structure that can withstand splashing water
Temperature:Strong about 400C weak about 270C (At 20°C environment)
Compatible thread:Nylon, Fluoro No. 1-40 (4lb-120lb), PE (No. 0.3-12)
Battery life:Approximately 50 times (use once for 5 seconds with strong power)
Charge Time:Approximately 2.5 hours (at 20°C environment)
Charging:Micro USB
Made in JAPAN
Do not soak in water or seawater
Do not disassemble or modify
Specify using the included USB charging cable charged by the way is not used for any purpose other than applications
(Other precautions are described in the manual, so be sure to read the safety precautions and use the product correctly.)
Comprehensive manufacturer of PE lines and fishing lines, YGK is meticulous in finding the right line for its customers. YGK understands that the inherently vague thickness index and tensile strength are not enough to judge the true quality of a fishing line.
YGK continues to create better fishing lines by establishing “standard diameters” for each material, and monitoring the decitex value for each index number. This may only be a small step toward doing away with superficial strength labelings and imprecise thicknesses, but YGK believes it’s a big step toward gaining anglers’ trust.

YGK Braid is a name that represents quality. All YGK Braided and monofilament fishing lines are made in Japan with the highest quality materials with the stickiest of quality control.



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