YGK Fishing Ultimate 8 Strand Braid Line X8 X-BRAID UPGRADE 200m PE1.5/30lb

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YGK Fishing Ultimate 8 Strand Braid Line X8 X-BRAID UPGRADE 200m PE1.5/30lb

YGK X-Braid Upgrade X8 is the new package version of YGK G-Soul Upgrade X8.

Upgrade X8 has the most advanced material braided by the most advanced technology to offer great line.
It has smooth surface and the smallest line diameter. It employs the most advanced filament, Ultra 2 PE, to achieve about 40% more maximum strength compared to standard spectra braided lines. On its surface, it has relatively thick coatings to prevent tangle and to protect line from abrasion. YGK WX braiding technology makes the line with the least stretch and tightest line body. The 8-strand body offers the smoothest line surface. Quality is proven. Hi-vis lime green with white marking (15cm) at every 1m (1yd).
Made in Japan.

Color:Hi Visibility Lime Green

Comprehensive manufacturer of PE lines and fishing lines, YGK is meticulous in finding the right line for its customers. YGK understands that the inherently vague thickness index and tensile strength are not enough to judge the true quality of a fishing line.

YGK continues to create better fishing lines by establishing “standard diameters” for each material, and monitoring the decitex value for each index number. This may only be a small step toward doing away with superficial strength labelings and imprecise thicknesses, but YGK believes it’s a big step toward gaining anglers’ trust.

YGK Braid is a name that represents quality. All YGK Braided and monofilament fishing lines are made in Japan with the highest quality materials with the stickiest of quality control.



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