XORUS Topwater WTD Floating Lure Patchinko 100

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XORUS Topwater WTD Floating Lure Patchinko 100

In past years the Patchinko proved to be an outstanding topwater Bass lure, perfectly suited for calm and choppy water surface work.
Best fished with a walk the dog type of action with some pauses, it will skip, slide and hop across the surface imitating an escaping or injured baitfish.
In fisshermans opinion the Patchinko is the best surface lure for bass on the market at the moment. It casts better than any other lure of its size and weight and almost works itself on the retrieve.
This has been my most successful surface lure over the last 6 years, taking fish off the top whilst other anglers are not even getting a rise on other lures.
It is 10cm long and weighs 11g, and being so streamlined it casts very well into the wind too. Slight twitches of the wrist on the retrieve will bring this lure to life. Two different size ball bearings give it a great sound for bringing fish up from depths and also annoying them to stike in shallow water.

Proven Bass magnet.
Long casting.
Rattling chamber.
Fitted with Decoy saltwater hooks.

Don’t let the small size put you off, with its tail weighted design this lure flies.

Lure length:10cm
Lure weight:11g
Floating surface lure
Action:Zig Zag,Slide & Hop


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