VARIVAS Fly Fishing 100% Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader STANDARD 9ft

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VARIVAS Fly Fishing 100% Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader STANDARD 9ft

VARIVAS’s basic Tapered Leader sets a new standard.

This product is the latest version of versatile all-purpose【tapered fluorocarbon leader】
VARIVAS’s original tapered leader design and the high sensitivity fluorocarbon material combines to provide a new standard for versatile tapered leaders. This updated product ensures that you never miss even the smallest bite.
The leader shines the most when retrieving. The supple butt provides excellent turn-over qualities and will allow the angler to present salt water flies to heavy weighted nymphflies with ease.
As the material is very durable, it’s very stealthy, making it easier for the user to make his target fish bite.

A versatile tapered leader for skill levels and settings, novice to pro, freshwater to salt.
Fluorocarbon material
Invisible in the water
Smaller end diameter to match the thickness of the tippet
Specially coated for reduced surface friction, increased durability, and prevention of water absorption

FLUORO | Fluorocarbon Line
SP-T | Super Tough Coating
NON | Non Stress Coating

Made in JAPAN

Leader length:9ft
Color: Natural Clear

VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing lines and gear for serious anglers. VARIVAS is a leader in engineering and innovation. Driven by putting “Angler’s First” for over 40 years, VARIVAS integrates trends and feedback from the field with advanced materials technology. Globally recognized, VARIVAS products provide the strength, performance, and functionality that anglers want.


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