VARIVAS Finesse X8 Braid Line Super Trout Advance DOUBLE CROSS 100m Light Green

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VARIVAS Finesse X8 Braid Line Super Trout Advance DOUBLE CROSS 100m Light Green

The name Double Cross results from the structure of the mesh. The VARIVAS engineers have developed a concept to create a line that brings lightest baits relaxed to their destination. For this they have processed PE fibers and a new material into an X8 braid. The result caused a stir among Japanese trout fishermen using ultra-light lures. This line combines strength with suppleness and significantly reduces the problems encountered when throwing lighter baits under adverse conditions such as gusts of wind.
Made in Japan.

Double Cross 8 combines
the outstanding features of PE braided line — casting distance, strength, sensitivity —
with the high-density, stiffness, and great sinking of ester/polyester line

Made with VARIVAS DC-PE (Double Cross) 8-strand PE (polyethylene) braid combined and braided together with Ester/polyester line
Specific Gravity of 1.12, for excellent sinking
Low wind-effect
Improves ease and control of lures
Hi-viz, line color with sight marks provides for easy line tracing

A trouble-free braided line
Ester/polyester’s unique stiffness enhances casting and line manageability
Line smoothly releases from the reel
Prevents tangles around reel bail and rod guides
Reduces slack line during casting, retrieve and pick-up

Hi-viz, sight edition, alternating line color
Combines high visibility for the angler with camouflaging quality in the water

Available in two (2) hi-viz, sight line color schemes:
Light Green + Green – Visibility & Camouflage with alternating pattern of 150 cm of Light Green + 50 cm of emerald Green
Fluorescent Orange + Pink – High Visibility with alternating pattern of 150 cm of Fluorescent Orange + 50 cm of Pink

Line length:100m

VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing lines and gear for serious anglers. VARIVAS is a leader in engineering and innovation. Driven by putting “Angler’s First” for over 40 years, VARIVAS integrates trends and feedback from the field with advanced materials technology. Globally recognized, VARIVAS products provide the strength, performance, and functionality that anglers want.
The VARIVAS is one of 27 companies that have officially agreed to uphold rules and standards specified by the JAFS standard. The pride of our quality is essential to VARIVAS for building Angler’s trust.
With VARIVAS products, you can always trust the markings including the size, diameter of the line and weight capacity.


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