TROKAR Freshwater Heawy Duty Non Offset Worm Hook TK100

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TROKAR Freshwater Heawy Duty Non Offset Worm Hook TK100

The TROKAR Eagle Claw TK100 is a heavy duty round bend worm hook, that is non-offset, forged, and with ringed eye.

Round Bend
Ringed Eye
Worm Hook Type
Straight Point
Standard Shank Length
Platinum Chrome Finish
Regular Gap
Heawy Wire
Non Offset
Made in USA

Trokar Story:
Some products can fall into a cycle of monotony, remaining virtually unchanged for years. Why fix something that’s not broken? At Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Co., we don’t have that mentality. We developed a fishing hook that is far superior to anything else that has ever been created: TroKar. Our engineers designed a new definition of sharpness, a hook with a geometric triangular point to penetrate faster and easier. They honed all three edges to surgical sharpness, resulting in a hook that penetrates twice as fast and dramatically improves strike-to-hook-up ratios. Once the sharpness was dialed in, we called in our team of pro-fisherman to put these hooks to the test. With their input we made the TroKar hook even more superior. We used higher carbon, cold forged steel and a bolstered shank design for added strength during aggressive hook-sets. Then we put the steel through a unique heat treating process that adds impact resistance and just the right amount of flex to resist breaking when fighting to get your fish in the boat. The result: The most extraordinary fishhook ever made.

Along with in-house experts, TroKar freshwater hooks were heavily influenced by the techniques and preferred methods of the world’s top Elite Series pro’s. The likes of Skeet Reese, Shaw Grigsby, Rick Clunn, Gerald Swindle, Brent Chapman,Jason Williamson, Jonathon VanDam and Scott Martin.


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