SHIMANO Carp Fishing Rod TX-EXTREME Spod Marker 12ft/5lb

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SHIMANO Carp Fishing Rod TX-EXTREME Spod Marker 12ft/5lb

The TX Extreme Spod Marker rod combines lightness with remarkable casting power ensuring you can reach your chosen fishing area with all sizes of spod. When using a marker float the sensitivity gives excellent feedback of underwater features. The TX Extreme Spod Marker is the perfect rod if you do a lot of spodding, especially at long range. The low weight and powerful butt section help you generate exceptionally fast tip speeds when casting, and it will cope with the largest sizes of spod, without being over stressed. For marker float use, the lightweight blank delivers great feel directly into your hands for accurate underwater feature detection and the blank is fitted with depth marker wraps for accuracy. The High Pressure Carbon (HPC) blank really puts the power firmly in your hands and has a 3K carbon wrap up to the 5th guide for additional strength. The casting action is very similar to the Intensity actions of the Tribal carp rods, which combine extreme power in the butt, with a responsive tip section for faster recovery on the cast. The result is a great combination for both your spodding and marker needs. The addition of super lightweight PacBay CSV Minima guides (braid safe) guides really improves the performance and you will immediately notice how responsive the rod feels when using a marker float. There are two models for you to choose from depending on your preference – 12ft and 13ft. Both are rated with a 5lb test curve and ensure you have all the power you could wish for.

Item no:TXESM12500
Test curve:5lb
Rod Weight:393g
Closed Length:187cm


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