PROREX Tungsten Weight Jig-System FLEXI TG HEAD 9g

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PROREX Tungsten Weight Jig-System FLEXI TG HEAD 9g

System jighead for Flexi Jig-System Set
This extraordinarily successful system has especially been designed for ultra-light fishing for perch and zander. Due to the flexible mounting of the hook (available seperately), this lure features an incomparable tilting action when it reaches the ground, which is especially tempting for zander and perch. Depending on the weight and hook size the tungsten heads are suited for very small softplastic lures of 3-10cm length. The 3D eyes provide an additional attraction under water.
The Prorex TG Flexi Jig Heads are made of pure tungsten and thus feature a markedly higher density than jigheads made of lead. Thus, you can fish more subtle and lighter than with conventional jigheads, because there is less resistance from air and current.The threat of hang ups is reduced, while the sensitivity is considerably increased.
The small heads are also perfectly applicable for fishing in trout ponds!

2 pcs in package


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