PROLOGIC C-Series Ab 10′ 3.60m 3.00lbs Rod All Round 2sec 280g 157mm 40mm

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PROLOGIC C-Series Ab 10′ 3.60m 3.00lbs Rod All Round 2sec 280g 157mm 40mm

The new C-Series is designed to offer fantastic performance combined with the style and features you would only expect from premium-priced rods. The C-Series has gone through a number of technical advances as well as component upgrades. The beautifully balanced and well-made, super slim blank reacts very quickly and is available in both 2 and 3-part models. Like our flagship “Inspire”, the new rods in the C series also offer two different special drilling and casting activities. AR – all-round, semi-parabolic drill action. XD – Xtra Distance, faster, more powerful long-range action. All 12 / 13ft models are equipped with throw-efficient, lightweight rings from the 50 mm MM series (40 mm for Lotus), which are complemented by anti-frap 16 mm tip rings. The slim one The highly modulated blank has an anti-reflective finish with a subtle look, which ranges from the 1-carat cover to the machine-milled, black anodized and ventilated reel seat in the Inspire style. The stylish, split, Japanese shrink tubing handle with an elegantly graduated and flared EVA section ensures a comfortable and secure grip. C-Series Lotus – The C-Series includes special Lotus models for our anglers. Offer the same performance. They have been cosmetically optimized and have a beautiful, slightly spotted blank in red wine color, which complements the subtle ring windings, which are provided with a little pink sheen. The same comfortable Inspire-style reel seat, but now in Gunsmoke color, only enhances the aesthetics even further. C Series Spod & Marker – The 12-foot combined Spod & Marker rod of the C-series completes the C-series and offers a finely tuned XD action with special attention to reactivity and return speed. Can throw large loads with ease and efficiency, yet is responsive enough to send every hidden detail of the seabed back to the angler as they search for structure and markup.
• Super slim, highly modulated blank
• Light 50mm MM series rings (40mm on 10-foot and Lotus models)
• 16mm anti-frap tip ring
• HD-Vented Inspire reel seat
• Split handle with Japanese Shrink tubing
• AR-XD drill / long throw campaigns
• Special Lotus models for women
• Combines Spod & Marker rod in one series
• Combined Spod & Marker rod included in the range


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