NS BLACK HOLE Saltwater Sea Bass Fishing Spinning Rod CABIN II

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NS BLACK HOLE Saltwater Sea Bass Fishing Spinning Rod CABIN II

Re-equipped with action and specification suitable for the new trend of sea bass fishing.
It is suitable for anglers who want strong casting. Strengthened 36-ton carbon material can endure all kinds of casting activities. It was born with fast type action, which is only available in a high grade sea bass rod. You can trust it in a fishing field as it was thoroughly verified in a variety of field tests.

REEL SEAT DESIGN : Fuji KDPS + VSS(Spining) Reel Seat
SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Adopting Highly Elastic Carbon Blank
DESIGN : High Quality Butt Cap Design

S-822L (GRIP 314mm)
A new type of Cabin model, which was born for boat sea bass fishing mania to increase accuracy of attack to a shore in a reverse side. With its delicateness and flexibility, it can use ½ oz. jig heads and minnows to attack sea bass, rockfish and flatfish. The light action is suitable to deal with head shaking appropriately. You can excitingly feel struggle of a target fish

Rod length:249cm
Closed length:128cm
Blank Top Dia:1.5mm
Butt Top Dia:11.9mm
Lure weight:8-24g
Rod weight:159g

S-862L (GRIP 334mm)
A new type of cabin model, which was born for boat or difficult place fishing mania to make approach attack easy. Particularly, a regular and natural blank minimizes escaping probability of a sea bass at the last head shaking after hooked.8ft 6inch(2.58m) is the most suitable length for the current fishing trend, which requires a smart and frequent point change. It is one of the most wanted models among anglers. It allows repeated casting, retrieve and jerking action for a long time without excessive load on a wrist.

Rod length:258cm
Closed length:134cm
Blank Top Dia:1.5mm
Butt Top Dia:11.9mm
Lure weight:8-28g
Rod weight:168g

S-902L (GRIP 364mm)
It has upgraded casting distance and accuracy by revising existing standard products for elasticity and balance improvement, in accordance with the trend of sea bass game seeking to simpler and lighter. It can freely use minnows and vibrations, together with excellent lightness.

Rod length:272cm
Closed length:140cm
Blank Top Dia:1.6mm
Butt Top Dia:13.1mm
Lure weight:8-32g
Rod weight:187g

S-962ML (GRIP 394mm)
The medium range model of Cabin. It provides significantly longer casting distance than existing products by applying a new design module and delivers a minnow to the back of school of sea bass, which usually significantly far from a sea shore rock. A fast type blank is designed to prevent twist or shaking in casting in spite of its length.

Rod length:290cm
Closed length:149cm
Blank Top Dia:1.7mm
Butt Top Dia:14.6mm
Lure weight:10-36g
Rod weight:200g

S-962MH MONSTER (GRIP 444mmm)
A hard game rod that is designed to deal with gold striped amberjack and king fish, which is called as a tyrant suddenly appearing in sea shore fishing. It has no problems to land any monster grade fish. Rather, it shows stiffness and strength enough to enjoy game fishing with relaxation. Target species are gold striped amberjack, king fish and tuna.

Rod length:291cm
Closed length:150cm
Blank Top Dia:2.1mm
Butt Top Dia:15.8mm
Lure weight:30-100g
Rod weight:235g


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