NS BLACK HOLE Freshwater Bass Fishing Rod SILKROD NANO

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NS BLACK HOLE Freshwater Bass Fishing Rod SILKROD NANO

There is nowhere my bait can’t reach !!!
A monster with tremendous casting distance is shown, which is incomparable with other existing rods. It created excellent repulsive power as CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) combined with resin supported strength and elasticity of carbon fibre texture. Its excellent sensitivity of tip can identify subtle movement of a tackle landed after long distance casting, without fail. A WXW fibre cover plays roles as a safety net to completely prevent distortion and damage on the action point of blank where the maximum failure strength happens.

GUIDE SYSTEM : Fuji KR concept Guide system
REEL SEAT DESIGN : Fuji VSSM/ACSM + KDPS Reel Seat Combination

S-672L (GRIP 234mm)Spinning model
Light Class Spinning Rod. It can freely use light baits such as a small hard bait and a small worm tackle. Excellent casting distance is another advantage as it has a good balance. Sufficient casting distance can be created simply by moving tension of a rod to a lure in casting. With 2-piece and 1-piece products, it provides a wider choice option for carrying.

Rod length:201cm
Closed length:104cm
Blank Diameter Top:1.5mm
Blank Diameter Butt:11.2mm
Lure weight:1/16-1/4oz
Recommended line:3-8lb
Rod weight:102g

S-692ML (GRIP 249mm)
It is a rod that allows to use a little heavy spinning tackle. It is suitable when it is necessary to cast a heavy lure with approximately 1/4oz of weight or use jig heads, down shots, split shots and Carolina rigs. It is useful in deep water fishing and effective in using hard baits, which requires attention to underwater resistance of a long bill minnow or action with strong wobbling.

Rod length:206cm
Closed length:107cm
Blank Diameter Top:1.6mm
Blank Diameter Butt:11.3mm
Lure weight:1/8-3/8oz
Recommended line:4-10lb
Rod weight:104g

C-702M (GRIP 256mm) Baitcasting model
It can use a variety of lures including hard baits, spinner baits and worm tackles. Because of its longer length, hooking and casting are more exciting.

Rod length:213cm
Closed length:109cm
Blank Diameter Top:1.8mm
Blank Diameter Butt:12.3mm
Lure weight:1/4-1oz
Recommended line:8-14lb
Rod weight:124g

C-752MH (GRIP 286mm) Baitcasting model
The model has excellent sensitivity and allows to read bottom water and operate worm tackles. It can catch subtle bite of fish. With strong blank movement, it can instantly rule target fish after light hooking action as soon as receiving a bit.

Rod length:225cm
Closed length:115cm
Blank Diameter Top:1.9mm
Blank Diameter Butt:12.5mm
Lure weight:1/4-11/2oz
Recommended line:10-20lb
Rod weight:129g


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