NIKKO KASEI Scented Floating Soft Bait Lure Dappy WaxWorm 1”/Ultra Soft

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NIKKO KASEI Scented Floating Soft Bait Lure Dappy WaxWorm 1”/Ultra Soft

Scented with Nikko’s all natural blend of fish attracting scents plus garlic.
Modeled after real waxworms. These baits are awesome! Use just like live bait. We’ve had multiple reports of these
baits outperforming the real thing.
Highly detailed, these baits even have tiny prolegs and mouth parts.
Great for crappie, sunfish, smallmouth, trout and a variety of small saltwater fish. Very popular ice fishing baits.
Scented. “Biodisintegratable.” Phthalate & toxin free.

Size: 1.0? (24mm) 8 per pack.

Nikko soft baits are your best choice!
Catches fish like you wouldn’t belive!
Nikko’s advanced technology has created a soft bait that moves like live bait,and with added scent that fish can’t resist.
Durable and economical!
Nikko soft baits cost slightly more than the regular plastic baits,but last 6-30 time longer,giving you great cost
performance compared with both live and plastic baits.
Besides being super soft and long lasting.Nikko soft baits are easy to hook and use.
Helps protect our enviroment!
Other plastic baits can swell up to 5 times and remain in natural enviroment or in the fish if swallowed.Nikko soft
baits are swallow-safe for wildlife and are biodegradable.


Super soft and stretchy, our baits may be the most durable bait on the market. Many of our baits have lasted over
100 catches per bait.
Nikko’s all natural scent formulas have proven themselves
across the world in both fresh and saltwater.
Our super soft material, incredible detail, design
and natural scent mean more fish.
All Nikko baits float, allowing greater flexibility in your approach and presentation to fish.
No liquids. No mess. No drying out in the sun. Just stretch the bait to recharge the scent.
Environmentally friendly:
No plastisols, phthalates or environmental hormones. No toxic chemicals of any kind.
Remains super soft if ingested causing little or no discomfort or hindrance. More easily passed or disgorged.
Our baits don’t just disintegrate, they biodegrade under real life conditions.

Designed and manufactured in Japan by craftsmen who fish.


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