NASH Carp Fishing SCOPEX SQUID Boilies 1kg

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NASH Carp Fishing SCOPEX SQUID Boilies 1kg

Scopex Squid is a bait that large carp fall for over and over again – Two Tone, Conningbrook’s 61lb 2oz lake best, has been caught at least six times on Scopex Squid, with many other large carp taking this dynamic bait, which succeeds because it hasn’t been overfished, and has been deliberately crafted to provide the best, freshest, and most complex range of carp-focused attraction on offer. This is a bait that succeeds on pressured venues, introducing a completely new scent and taste; even if carp have encountered the bait before, squid is such a novel, compelling offer that they just can’t pass it up.
Available in multiple sizes, this is the bait to buy if you’re going out with the intention of landing big carp from hard-fished venues, and establishing yourself as the angler to beat.

• The legendary Scopex Squid
• Pressured carp never stop getting caught on Scopex Squid
• It is quite simply one of the most remarkable baits ever
• Available in multiple sizes


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