NASH Carp Fishing Hooks PINPOINT FANG GYRO Micro Barb

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NASH Carp Fishing Hooks PINPOINT FANG GYRO Micro Barb

50% stronger than leading Nash hook patterns, yet still offering a lighter piece of terminal tackle that’s perfect for trotting surface baits, or taking slow sinking options down cleanly, these Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Hooks have been designed, crafted, and developed to provide the perfect hook option for 360 rigs and Ronnie rigs, both of which have delivered truly outstanding carp fishing performance. With the Nash Fang Gyro hook, you don’t need any additional components to maximise your fishing performance, and, hopefully, bring that new personal best smoothly to the bank..

• Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
• Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
• Proven Fang X design with integral micro ring swivel
• Designed for the ultimate hook rotation
• Superior hooking with 360 rigs and Ronny Rigs
• No additional components required


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