MEGABASS Topwater Fishing Popper Lure BABY POPX

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MEGABASS Topwater Fishing Popper Lure BABY POPX

In 1996, the POPX was introduced, and proceeded to change the face of top-water gaming around the world. With its unique design, ability to spit water, alluring bio-splash sounds, responsiveness to delicate rod control, and short, sliding dog-walk action, this lure continues to be well-loved by both fish and anglers alike. However, there exists a private POPX model customized for Yuki Ito’s personal arsenal, which is just now being released: the Baby POPX. Despite its super-small body, it maintains long-distance castability to allow speedy coverage of wide areas. Due to the line eye located in the center of the mouth, it manages an especially agile dog walk. With a quiet landing sound due to its small body, and a lively splashing which can be triggered by even the slightest rod movements, the Baby POPX will surely captivate easily spooked monsters.Finally released to the public, experience this custom popper from Yuki Ito’s private collection.
Made in Japan.

Lure length:50mm
Lure weight:3/16oz
Armed with: Belly Treble Hook #8 / Rear Teaser Treble Hook #10


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