MAJOR CRAFT Metal Vibration Lure JIGPARA Blade 75mm/18g

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MAJOR CRAFT Metal Vibration Lure JIGPARA Blade 75mm/18g

Major Craft introduces their new lure Jigpara Blade!An outstanding lure with a tight wobbling action, 2 line eyes for depth and wobbling variety,a 5 layer quantity intensity paint to preserve color against bites and hits,a strong snap and high quality Japan made trebbles.
As you you cast and retrieve, it strongly attracts fish and triggers their predator nature.The shape helps to control the friction while retrieving against water and maintains the correct underwater motion.The way it displaces the water creates wave motion around the bait attractive reaction from the fish.These design characteristics make the Jigpara Blade one of the most effective blade baits available on market today.

Lure weight:18g
Lure length:75mm


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