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MAINLINE Addittive Activator (Activ 8)
As the name suggests, the Activ-8 base mix has eight active ingredients with inclusion of the ‘Activator’ being the final additive that makes the whole system gel into a highly attractive and effective bait combination…
Our dedicated base mix and ‘Activator’ combination makes for yet another simple and easy to roll mix, without any worries regarding the catching ability of this highly successful fishing bait.

The Activator is the only liquid additive required when mixed with the base mix and it is recommended that our guideline inclusion levels be maintained.

MAINLINE Addittive CellTM Activator
As the name suggests, the Cell Activator is the triggering agent for the Cell base mix. A dedicated liquid food source additive, containing a complex reactionary triggering agent encapsulated in a liquid form. The secondary additive and attractors in dry form are contained within the Cell base mix itself.

Once combined, the Cell becomes ‘Active’ giving off highly attractive and powerful feeding signals to the carp.

We do not recommend the inclusion of any other flavour or attractors to be added at the mixing stage, as these will detract from the effectiveness of the bait itself.

MAINLINE Addittive The LinkTM Activator
Mainline The Link Activator 300ml, Designed for use in conjunction with the Link Dedicated Base Mix, the Link Activator contains all the same ‘active’ and crucial ingredients in liquid form. The result is single liquid blend, containing every element required that not only simplifies the bait making process, but also provides the confidence that you are using these complex ingredients at the optimum levels for maximum performance. In fact, it is not advised to use the addition of any other flavours or additives, which could detract from the effectiveness of the bait – simply combine the dry and liquid food sources of the Dedicated Base Mix and Activator at recommended levels for assured success.


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