MADCAT White X-Taaz Vertical Ext 1.70m / 50-150g

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MADCAT White X-Taaz Vertical Ext 1.70m / 50-150g

Specially designed for vertical jigging. The White X-TAAZ Vertical Ext. 170 might well be the most remarkable MADCAT® rod the guys behind MADCAT® have developed until now. The key feature here is the extendable butt! A short counter clock-wise twist allows the angler to extend the butt. To fixate it again, at the desired length, a simple clock-wise twist will do. The advantage is enormous: during the vertical jigging the short the butt end allows maximum freedom of movement. During the fight the extended butt, literally, provides more leverage. Made with a 30 ton, Toray carbon blank, a Fuji® reel seat and SeaGuide® guides


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