KORDA Ultimate Carp Fishing SPRING BOW Landing Net 42″

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KORDA Ultimate Carp Fishing SPRING BOW Landing Net 42″

Like fishing rods, landing nets can be a very personal choice. Aesthetics, function and price always influence the decision making of most anglers when purchasing a new tool. We were inspired by a classic design from the past. Available in the early 1980s from a shop in North London, Dons or Edmonton. Their Springbow was a brown fiberglass net, with a very unique heavy duty stainless spreader block, but that said it was the net of the day and the only serious choice for the carp angler of the time!

The fashion today seems to be to use very thin handles, similar to or matching the angler’s carp rods. We have completely bucked this trend. It was incredibly important for performance that both the arms and rod had inherent rigidity. With a very low diameter blank you increase the weight because you have to increase the wall thickness, thin handles just don’t hold as well in use. A larger diameter handle increases rigidity, is easier to use and more comfortable to hold. We can use a thinner wall without sacrificing strength or weight.

Our design has a 6′ handle that tapers from 23 to 18mm. Manufactured from ultra-light, high-performance carbon in a beautiful satin black finish. With a beautifully turned 316 stainless steel tip on the end. This has contributed to a net that is so light that it lies perfectly on the surface of the water after assembly and use, without the need for any kind of float.

One of the key design points was to create a ‘statement’ spreader block.
Something that is extremely light, very strong and unique in appearance.
From concept to production, we modified the design four times in about two and a half years.
The final version is beautiful to see.
Designed by our friends at JAG, it’s incredibly light, but more importantly, very easy to use and assemble.
If you offer the arms to the block, you will notice that the block has a slight oval shape.
We have edited the block so that it has a so-called “leading edge”.
This creates extra room for the arm as it is bent and pushed into place.
The arms exit the block at the perfect 91 degree angle, this together with using the stiffest arms we could make without compromising assembly gives a truly beautiful shape to any net assembled.
Each arm has an oversized machined anodized aluminum rounded end designed to not push through and damage the net.
This part holds the thick green cord between the arms, with zero stretch and a perfect curve in the arms keeps it all as tight as possible and helps reduce drag as it’s pushed through the water.
The aluminum spreader block is machined on both the front and back (you can see the arms inside). This reduces weight and provides “chassis-like styling”. There is a small slot on the front for a 15mm isotope (NOT included) and the Spring Bow logo is engraved on the back. The finishing touch was spraying the block in a hard-wearing, ceramic, Gun Smoke finish.

We made three versions, 42″, 46″ and 50″, each with a medium depth net in full Hexmesh. The net section is deep enough for the angler who chooses to push the handle into the bottom of the lake with the arms far enough above the water to trap carp and prevent them from escaping the net after the catch!

All nets come in a heavy-duty Korda Dark Kamo sleeve with separate pockets for both the shaft and arms.

Available in 3 versions 42, 46, 50″
Super Light
Super Stiff
6′ Reverse Taper Satin Black Handle
316 Stainless Steel Spike Cap
Unique aluminum JAG designed spreader block
15mm Isotope slot (Isotope NOT included)
Machined anodized aluminum, oversized rounded arm ends
Strong non-stretch net cord
Floats without adding extra net float
Hexmesh mid-depth net
Each net comes with heavy duty Korda Dark Kamo two pocket sleeve


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