KORDA Tournament Casting Heli Lead

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KORDA Tournament Casting Heli Lead

Invest in a Korda Tournament Casting Heli Fishing Lead to get the maximum distance possible when casting. This lead is designed with only one goal: giving you more time and space for your fishing adventure!

The Korda Tournament Casting Heli Fishing Lead is a similar shape to the original Distance Casting lead, but it’s slightly more nose-heavy so you can get away with using lighter tackle when fishing in crosswinds or onshore wind zones that are further away from your target fish location.

The sleek and streamlined design of this fishing lead is perfect for use with the Heli-Safe system. It will cast even better than your typical swivel, thanks to its ring that prevents tangles while keeping things neat looking too!

Nose-heavy to ensure it flies further
Stable and accurate
Great for use in heavy cross winds
Features a ring instead of swivel
Neat set-up
Streamlined shape
Sizes available: 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz and 4.5oz


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