KORDA Kiana GOO Carp Fishing Liquid Attractant

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KORDA Kiana GOO Carp Fishing Liquid Attractant

Korda Goo is a viscous, multi-purpose liquid that’s perfect for binding stick mixes, mixing with ground-bait, soaking pellets and glugging hook-baits.
On the lake or river-bed, Goo’s enticing flavour seeps out to form an irresistible, aromatic cloud for curious fish to investigate…just think of the possibilities!
Add it to your spod mix or give your nuts an overnight soak; surround your floaters with a tempting slick or use as a constituent of home-made boilies.

SUPREMES are thin and will readily soak into hook bits, stick and bag mixes
SMOKES have a greater viscosity, ranging from medium to very thick, and from subtle to heavy in coloration. Use them to glug hookbaits and to coat PVA bags.
BAITS SMOKE – for clear water and adding directly to bait
POWER SMOKE – amazing on well stocked, busy venues. Experiment with different intensities for best result!

• Perfect soak for bottom baits and pop ups
• PVA friendly
• Shake well before use
• Cannot be overused
• Avoid mixing with fish oils
• 115ml bottle supplied


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